i heart learning

i heart learning

Monday, October 08, 2012

dubble bubble fun fact

dubble bubble has to be the shortest lasting gum in the world.

it goes from delicious pink minty flavor to stiff wad of chewy cement in exactly 3 minutes 19 seconds.
I know this because i timed it today, after eating one and saying 'holy ravioli this gum tastes like chewy cement in less time than it takes me to eat a kraft cheese singles slice - i better time my next chew.'

But my big learn for the day was inside the wrapper, on the classic comic strip, included with every piece of dubble bubble.

check it out:

(oh - and not to mention i also learned that the dubble bubble comic makers obviously felt the need to update their comic style by talking about MP3 players. I'm not even sure what this comic strip means exactly)

giraffes have Q-tip tongues!

and when i looked it up i see it is totally surreal...


I mean seriously.
Thanks Dubble Bubble. And thanks Erica for bootlegging me a couple of pieces from that wedding candy bar. Been a while since i enjoyed a piece of gum so much for 3 minutes and 19 seconds.

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  1. that is some god awful tongue. Has he got it up the nose as well,must also have some god awful boggers up there. But i guess with a tongue like that he must keep it pretty clean....... lol