i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, October 21, 2012

apple a day keeps cigars moist-ay

My phone rang.
I answered.
It was Nelson Sr.
'Hello Pops' I said.
'Hello. Can you bring me an apple?' he asked.
'Okay.' I said. No questions asked. If poppa in law wants an apple...two apples he shall get.

I thought he was feeling scurveyish. I thought he needed a fruit boost. I thought it was the chance to gain a 'becca is a nice daughter' status. I was all over the apple mission like a fly on horse dung.

He was not feeling scurveyish. He did not need a fruit boost. He definitely did not need two apples.
Nelson Sr. needed a simple slice of apple to bring moisture life back into his cigars.

Yep. A little apple goes a long way to bring old dry crusty unsmokable cigars smokable again. Place a slice with your smokables in a ziplock, wait a day....and voila! your cancer cylinders are back in business.

I'm not a smoker. So I'm not sure the fact i learned today will ever come in handy for myself. But I'm sure its a great party fact; a 'hey guys! did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds?' kind of fact.

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