i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, March 03, 2012

zsolt of elecriticity

pronounced like a soft g.
or the same sound as the Zsa, in Zsa Zsa Gabor.

I learned today that it's a persons name - not a caffeinated cola or a flash of lightening.

My interest in the name has sparked from a man I'm working with named Zsolt. (When i say working with I totally mean working nearby - within 10 feet but we have never been formally introduced - and he would more than likely be mortified that the girl in the office across from him without a door is blogging about his uncommon name).

The name comes from hungary - he was an old 10th century ruler.

And apparently Zsolt at apartment 11 and the 10th century ruler are not the only Zsolts in existence. here are other Zsolts:

Hunky Zsolt:

Funky Zsolt:

Punky Zsolt:

Monkey Zsolt:

Spunky Zsolt:

Junkie Zsolt:

And last but not least - Chunky Zsolt:

I definitely intend on pretending I was blogging about another Zsolt should the Zsolt that sparked this whole learning process should ever stumble upon this blog.

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