i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Shake your foufounes

Many Chea, this blog post is for you!
Thank you for teaching me a new French slang word that has already been in my vocAbulary for the past 10 years without me knowing.
I thought I knew them all - but I guess I have a lot to still learn in Frenchie francAis.

For those of you reading without any clue what 'foufounes' means... Let me give you some Madlibs-like clues:

J-lo hAs a big foufounes. And so do elephants.

Kim kardashian has a rumored foufounes mAde of implants.

Eminem has a song called 'shake that foufounes,' and fergie from the black eyed peas sings about her lovely lady foufounes.

Johnny Knoxville is the star of jack-foufounes.

Get it yet?
That's right.
The only time up until now that f word has crossed my lips has been when referring to a Montreal hot spot for grungy twenty-something rockabilly types, called foufounes electriques, also known as foufs, or now what I know translates to 'electric buttcheeks.'

Like with all new words I learn, I tried to put this one to the test:

Without success, very anticlimactic reAction from nelson, however he told me in person that it is a word for old ladies.

So I guess the test now is to find not only an old lady to try it on, but to find an old lady who won't hit me with her mothballed fannypack when I do.

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  1. So glad to see you are LEARNING again.