i heart learning

i heart learning

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Oreo is 100

Golden Oreos are a staple in my 'at-the-computer-for-8-hours-a-day' diet. At any given time this yellow box of cookies can be found within a radius of 2 feet from my clutch.

Today I ate 6 in one sitting.
I cannot be stopped. They are like those amazing old school girl guide cookies - minus the dry gross chocolates ones that were always the last to go. Perfection.

(Girl guide leaders take notes from mr. Christie - people only buy your boxes for the vanilla cookies. Time to turf the brown side if the box. And please - If anyone likes those brown gg cookies, I absolutely must know who you are...)

So you can imagine how surprised I was today when Blaine at work informed me that it was the official 100 year birthday of the original Oreo. Seems like something I should have known already - being such a devout Oreo inhaler, from double stuffs to cakesters, goldens to dipped in white chocolate.

Thank goodness I had a bag to celebrate. Alone. At my computer.


  1. I confess that I always preferred the chocolate girl guides cookies. Any one else out there willing to take a stand?

  2. chocolate mint are my favorite