i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The merit of Jerseylicious

If you asked me yesterday, i would have reported that 'Jerseylicious,' is hands down the worst jersey based reality show spinoff that SLICE channel (or maybe this world) has ever seen.

'jersey shore' is the stuff oscars are made of and the learning channel combined, in comparison.

And so i assure you that even though you cannot see me, my head sheepishly hangs to avoid direct eye contact with this paragraph, and im blushing when I confess I have yet to miss an episode...and that I'm totally TEAM Olivia.

Oh yeah - and that I love the smoky eye.

it's trashier than Oscar the grouch, but I rationalize all my shoddy show watching by calling it 'research' for my career in editing.

The point I'm trying to make is that i thought pigs flew out of waynes butt today when i actually learned something from an episode.

In new jersey it is illegal to pump your own gas.

Of course the show wasn't useful enough to explain the reason why, so off to my phone-a-friend, mr. google.

Not being able to pump your own gas was a law passed in 1949, due to the state not trusting untrained people to handle such a flammable liquid.

The law remains I guess because the state still doesn't trust chicks in animal print with teased hair to handle such flammable liquid.

Would you?

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  1. in total agreement, only a lunatic govt would allow that much hairspray anywhere near gasoline pumped from a tank 6 feet under