i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peanut punch

I have much pity for the peeps with crazy peanut allergies. I would take my freAky tree, grass and beef allergies over peanut ones any day. I can't imagine a world without peanut butter and jam sandwiches, lime peanuts or chewy peanut butter cookies. A Reese's cupless life would not be worth living.

Peanut is the tastiest.

So i was superdy duperdy excited when andrew came over today with a new-to-me peanut product sold in a jamaican dep right outside my door!

Drumroll please! I am extremely excited to announce the discovery of......

Peanut punch in a juice box.

Yessir I'm talking about liquid drinkable peanut butter!!!

And Although i never considered drinking peanut liquid before, with my first sip I instantly knew 3 things:

1. pb from a jb made total and complete sense
2. I'd instinctively always wanted to try it without even knowing it existed.
3. my life had permanently changed.

Peanut punch is delicious, fun to say, and could potentially kill someone with allergies. It has officially made its way to the top of my potential topics of conversation at the water cooler this week.

i think it is safe to say this child is probably a huge fan of the stuff

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The merit of Jerseylicious

If you asked me yesterday, i would have reported that 'Jerseylicious,' is hands down the worst jersey based reality show spinoff that SLICE channel (or maybe this world) has ever seen.

'jersey shore' is the stuff oscars are made of and the learning channel combined, in comparison.

And so i assure you that even though you cannot see me, my head sheepishly hangs to avoid direct eye contact with this paragraph, and im blushing when I confess I have yet to miss an episode...and that I'm totally TEAM Olivia.

Oh yeah - and that I love the smoky eye.

it's trashier than Oscar the grouch, but I rationalize all my shoddy show watching by calling it 'research' for my career in editing.

The point I'm trying to make is that i thought pigs flew out of waynes butt today when i actually learned something from an episode.

In new jersey it is illegal to pump your own gas.

Of course the show wasn't useful enough to explain the reason why, so off to my phone-a-friend, mr. google.

Not being able to pump your own gas was a law passed in 1949, due to the state not trusting untrained people to handle such a flammable liquid.

The law remains I guess because the state still doesn't trust chicks in animal print with teased hair to handle such flammable liquid.

Would you?

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Shake your foufounes

Many Chea, this blog post is for you!
Thank you for teaching me a new French slang word that has already been in my vocAbulary for the past 10 years without me knowing.
I thought I knew them all - but I guess I have a lot to still learn in Frenchie francAis.

For those of you reading without any clue what 'foufounes' means... Let me give you some Madlibs-like clues:

J-lo hAs a big foufounes. And so do elephants.

Kim kardashian has a rumored foufounes mAde of implants.

Eminem has a song called 'shake that foufounes,' and fergie from the black eyed peas sings about her lovely lady foufounes.

Johnny Knoxville is the star of jack-foufounes.

Get it yet?
That's right.
The only time up until now that f word has crossed my lips has been when referring to a Montreal hot spot for grungy twenty-something rockabilly types, called foufounes electriques, also known as foufs, or now what I know translates to 'electric buttcheeks.'

Like with all new words I learn, I tried to put this one to the test:

Without success, very anticlimactic reAction from nelson, however he told me in person that it is a word for old ladies.

So I guess the test now is to find not only an old lady to try it on, but to find an old lady who won't hit me with her mothballed fannypack when I do.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Urban fox

If you thought she was the only urban fox...

You'd be mistaken.
Here's one I learned about today.

Urban foxes are to the UK as stray chihuahua's are to Mexico. As squirrels to quebec, skunks to st. Henri, or as rats to that guys house in the season finale of hoarders.

Rosella told me today that she encountered an urban fox on her visit to Bristol, who made some serious white fang i'd like to eat your eyes eye contact with her. Right there in the middle if the street!

Jo confirmed that one also gave her the stink eye on her visit to an English town.

They sound mean. But I still think you could domesticate one with a little love and Caesar Milan.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Oreo is 100

Golden Oreos are a staple in my 'at-the-computer-for-8-hours-a-day' diet. At any given time this yellow box of cookies can be found within a radius of 2 feet from my clutch.

Today I ate 6 in one sitting.
I cannot be stopped. They are like those amazing old school girl guide cookies - minus the dry gross chocolates ones that were always the last to go. Perfection.

(Girl guide leaders take notes from mr. Christie - people only buy your boxes for the vanilla cookies. Time to turf the brown side if the box. And please - If anyone likes those brown gg cookies, I absolutely must know who you are...)

So you can imagine how surprised I was today when Blaine at work informed me that it was the official 100 year birthday of the original Oreo. Seems like something I should have known already - being such a devout Oreo inhaler, from double stuffs to cakesters, goldens to dipped in white chocolate.

Thank goodness I had a bag to celebrate. Alone. At my computer.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Scrabble is a bit racist

This is my first time blogging from my iPhone.

My iPhone is like my own personal anger management - it has done wonders for my tendency to act like a 2 year old and throw a tantrum when I have to wait somewhere. Dear iPhone - my Nelson, the receptionist at the doctors office, and the chez cora hostess thank you for keeping my impatient temper in check.

But the iPhone is not solely responsible for my sudden bout of patience. Some credit must go to a little thing called....the scrabble ap.

Simply put, Scrabble is the bomb. I am obsessed. And it has taught me many many words.

Take this game for example. (Please note that I am winning)

There are several 'what the heck does that mean?' words on there.
I decided to explore further.

And last but not least...the big shocker:

In conclusion, proper noun words like india or Gertrude are not allowed in scrabble...but a little bit if racism and cuss words are.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

zsolt of elecriticity

pronounced like a soft g.
or the same sound as the Zsa, in Zsa Zsa Gabor.

I learned today that it's a persons name - not a caffeinated cola or a flash of lightening.

My interest in the name has sparked from a man I'm working with named Zsolt. (When i say working with I totally mean working nearby - within 10 feet but we have never been formally introduced - and he would more than likely be mortified that the girl in the office across from him without a door is blogging about his uncommon name).

The name comes from hungary - he was an old 10th century ruler.

And apparently Zsolt at apartment 11 and the 10th century ruler are not the only Zsolts in existence. here are other Zsolts:

Hunky Zsolt:

Funky Zsolt:

Punky Zsolt:

Monkey Zsolt:

Spunky Zsolt:

Junkie Zsolt:

And last but not least - Chunky Zsolt:

I definitely intend on pretending I was blogging about another Zsolt should the Zsolt that sparked this whole learning process should ever stumble upon this blog.

Thursday, March 01, 2012


I heart my iPhone. It is a genius.
it can tell me what time it is in Tokyo
it can play scrabble.
it can tell me how many calories in a scoop of raisin bran.

It can also autocorrect my many mispellings:

Don't ask me how March got autocorrected into Megachiroptera....but it gave me reason to learn a new word:

nice. Thanks Tanya. And yes - dinner on the 6th for sure. After kickboxing, of course.

we are cluster megachiroptera
iphones are smart! They have me and my baby on speed-dial
and autocorrect