i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, October 09, 2011


'yayayay! I will have hard boiled eggs for breakfast!'

That was my inner dialogue when i opened the fridge today and saw already made hard boiled eggs, peeled shell and all. Nelson Sr. had given them to us when he gave us his fridge contents before gallavanting off to europe. we also inherited olives, canteloupe and cake. I love when people up and go to europe.

So I opened the ever so fresh ziplock seal and put my eggy on a plate-y.

then popped it in the microwave, cleverly putting siran wrap over it in case it sprinkled egg on the microwave walls. i just had it cleaned you see, and was trying to keep it that way.


It was not the sound of bombs over baghdad.

It was the sound of eggy breaking its siran wrap barrier and disintigrating into a million pieces....like the cowboy kid in charlie and the chocolate factory when he was being resized.

This is your brain on drugs, kids.

Nelson seemed to have known this 'you don't put eggs in the microwave' rule, but it would have been a lot more useful to me had he shared his egg knowledge sooner.

I learned that eggs cannot go in the microwave...unless you are mcdonalds, of course. they seem to have their mc-microwaved egg disk breakfast down pat.

It took 14 minutes to clean.

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  1. Oh Becca.. I haven't read your blog in a while. YOu make me laugh...
    I've done the exact same thing. Its a bitch to clean isn't!