i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

costly couch

i confess i learned this yesterday and not today - but this is my blog and I can break any nonsensical rule i want.

people in NYC sometimes rent out their couches to tenants.
i repeat - their couches. couches in the middle of their living space sans 4 walls or a door.

imagine renting a couch like roseanne's?

someone get me some penaten creme in a tin can pronto! And be sure to equip my best friends Mr. Ventolin, Miss eyedrop and Nanny nosespray - tonights gonna be an itchy snot fest and the poor son of a gun who rented the couch is invited.

Ah well, at least you'd have that big ol' afghan to snuggle up with.

i wonder what determines the monthly cost of a couch in the big city?
newness level?

I NEED to crawl out of this rock i live under and visit NYC to see this silliness for myself.

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