i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

tuppeware stain

I hate tupperware stains. And I know better than to put my tupperware in the microwave - mamma taught me well. But since mamma wasn't peeking over my shoulder today in the kitchen at work, i oopsed.


  1. Those are a b*tch to clean, but here are two suggestions:

    -IMMEDIATELY after stainage occurs, scrub with detergent and cold water (hot water will only set the stain more)

    -Or, if time has passed, rub the container down with detergent (no water!) and leave it over-night to settle into the plastic.

    It usually helps.

  2. dang it.
    i waited all day long. then washed in hothot water.
    forever the stain shall be.