i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

tuppeware stain

I hate tupperware stains. And I know better than to put my tupperware in the microwave - mamma taught me well. But since mamma wasn't peeking over my shoulder today in the kitchen at work, i oopsed.

Friday, August 05, 2011

bus of the irish

When I listen to my ipod in public i am secretly dancing.
I want to sing out loud so badly on the metro when Bette Midler's 'do you wanna dance?' comes on. Oh man I can barely contain myself. So I have settled for blinking my eyes or turning my neck to the beat instead. Secret dance moves that only I - or if someone is paying close attention - know.

Sometimes I pretend other people are dancing too - when they happen to flip their hair or check their wristwatch at the exact same time as the nintendo noises in Britney Spears' 'Im a Slave for you' are playing on my ipod. I feel like I am in the music video (minus the licking of faces and heavy breathing).

I learned something so great today about Ireland that would solve my wanna-sing-so-loud-but-can't-in-public-because-people-think-you-are-on-drugs-especially-at-berri-uqam-metro problem that I have. The potato eating irish folk think nothing of stepping onto a bus where the driver has cranked up a good old 'molly malone' tune, and singing their hearts out with complete strangers - a comradeship you only see here in Quebec after everyone is wasted and has agreed to speak one language....and come to think of it, it happens at the St. Patty's day parade.

'DO YA, DO YA, DO YA? DO you wanna dance with me baby!?'
'EY - Je te dit - chante pas sur le bus! c'est pas le parade d'irlande!'

I long for a place where I can sing on the bus like I do in the car!
I see shamrocks, green and leprechauns in my future.