i heart learning

i heart learning

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

mambo italiano

Don't you love Italians?
They can make the most unflattering sentences sound lovely. For instance, 'you smell like pig cheese and hobbit breath' is poetry to my ears in Italian: 'Voi odore come formaggio e maiale hobbit soffio.' 

Excuse me while I melt into a puddle. Formaggio! How romantic.

It is the opposite for Germans. They could be telling you they like your knit sweater and it comes off like they want to rip out your kidneys and sell them on ebay.

i am pretty sure that 'knit sweater' does not translate to 'knit sweater' in german, as the english-to-german online translation suggests - but that's how a german would definitely say 'knit sweater' in english.

Isn't Italian so much more enchanting?

Today I learned a beautiful poetic word in Italian  - capodimonte.

It literally means 'head of the mountain,' but I learned it in its context referring to a type of porcelain (made in the town of Capodimonte).

Disney makes a ton of figurines using Capodimonte.
I actually own the Capodimonte piece below. It was a gift I got as a child from a family friend.

'In my world, the books would be nothing but pictures...'
It seems like a type of material you would find a plenty in a Nonna's or hoarders house. Figureeny-type-sit-on-your-shelf stuff.

If I can't have my own personal Italian to read me poetry at night - I can find solace in knowing that at least I have a Capodimonte Disney figurine.


  1. does anyone have a problem watching the videos? i can't see them on my computer after i post them...

  2. nope. I can see them

  3. Cultural sensitivity now, please. I know plenty of Italians who don't shake their hands like the actors in East Side Mario's ads.

    Now go eat some pasta, you're too skinny, bella bambina!