i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, July 01, 2011


Does your bum bum have more pancake than IHOP?

Does it ever feel like your bum is all bone?

Do you ever feel like you wanted a blog to discuss cushioned underpants?

Well gripe no longer!
Today I have learned about 'butt for you,' the undergarment made to J-LOifize your petite derriere in an instant - without the healing and unsightly scaring from butt implants.

Don't worry men - you haven't been left out...there's a bidonkadonk pair for you too!

And don't forget your swim shorts to keep your fake booty charade going at the beach!

It does sound a little japanese invention-ey...

I would use this
I could have totally used this 2 weeks ago on that hot ramen soup day
this is the worst
I hate to admit it because she looks like a clown - but this lipstick stencil is kind of clever
Asia is so big on child labor
panty print skirts!
but I ass-ure you - because Melinda ass-ured me - these stuffed spanx are for true.
Melinda is a padded panty saleswoman I met today who told me about the Canadian 'butt for you' brand. You can by them online at: http://www.buttforyou.com/ if you need a little extra endowment.

Of course these are not for everyone. I have been cursed blessed with the Knopfel rump - a true german arsch, that with an extra foam cheek padding could compete with a Klump.

Oh the irony of my 'littlearse' nickname.

These butt-enhancing underthings have apparently become very popular in (where else?) Hollywood, because the slogan 'bigger is better' is an American rule. Only the American version is called 'the booty pop.'

pink and white balloons really help the 'pop'
I don't know about you, but I would feel very gypped to discover that Beyonce's bum was just a 'booty pop' in disguise. Like finding out that Janet Jackson spray painted her abs.

embrace your lady lumps, people! (And your manly ones too)

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