i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, July 01, 2011

licorice learns

As i write this blog entry it is only appropriate I eat Katjes Kinder - little german hard-to-chew liquorice.

I would never eat real kittens - but liquorice kittens are irresistible.

You can tell they are german-made by their indestructibleness as you chew. One kitten can take as many as 57 bites to prepare it for swallowing.

'Kittens' are just one kind of liquorice floating around my condo.
There are little satchels here there and everywhere. I keep liquorice in Nelson's night table, my underwear drawer and my oatmeal box. I have liquorice twizzlers, salted liquorice, sugar-coated liquorice, red liquorice, liquorice allsorts, hard liquorice, gellatin liquorice...I eat a lot of liquorice. And I rarely share my funky salted flavours - only if people cross-their-hearts-and-hope-to-die-stick-a-needle-in-their-eye promise not to spit it out. Liquorice going to waste is one of my pet peeves - and 50% of salted liquorice triers fail.

Nelson does not eat liquorice, except for the cherry 'pull 'n peels.' So he does not understand how a 30$ liquorice shopping spree in the german market can be okay. Naturally he thinks I should cut back. I disagree.

Today I decided would be a great day to justify my liquorice intake.
I had a feeling it was good for you...and thought I'd scrounge around on the net until i found a perk.
In fact - my research results were extremely pro-liquorice, and exceeded my expectations.

Look at all the benefits and fun facts i learned about liquorice!

1. Liquorice is part of the pea family and the plant is officially a weed.
2. the acid found in liquorice root is 50 times sweeter than sugar
3. it is one of the most popular herbs in the entire world
4. the name liquorice comes from Greek words meaning 'sweet root'
5. Liquorice relieves pain of ulcers, and is good for your adrenal glands
6. it was used an recognized by ancient greeks, egyptians, chinese and hindus for its natural medicine qualities.
7. a certain compound in the liquorice root can help slow the aging of the brain!
8. Liquorice is a botanical ingredient in modern chinese medicines to manage cancers, and some research supports the use of liquorice for prostate and breast cancer.
9. tons of liquorice was found in King Tut's tomb
10. manuscripts from 360AD say that liquorice was used for eye ailments, skin diseases, coughs and hair loss. Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were liquorice advocates. 
11. napolean liked and ate it so much that his teeth turned black (ok this fact scares me a bit - but i am sure he did not brush his teeth either)
12. it is super useful in fighting bronchitis (that's my body's favorite illness!!!) and it is a natural cough supressant
13. it is good for stomach acid, heartburn and indigestion.

The medicinal uses of liquorice blew me away. I had no idea it was so highly respected in both ancient and modern days.

King Tut just became my favorite ancient and personal hero, by the way. Any fellow liquorice lover is a friend of mine - and a liquorice-filled tomb! You don't get any crazier about liquorice than that. Nelson will have to pry my little liquorice satchels from my cold dead hands before i give it up now. If it was good enough for Tut, it's good enough for me. Do you think Tut had servants trying to get him to 'cut back?' I don't think so.

Long live liquorice!

If you wanna order some funky liquorice and save your brain from getting old and shrivelling up - visit this site i just learned about!


  1. Bah. I just miss green licorice. Not the fancy licorice that tastes like apple, but the old cheap one that just tasted green.

    (Green licorice tape is one of the two first things I ever bought at a grocery store back when I was a kid. I ate it all that same afternoon and I have no regrets).

  2. When I was asked to choose a security question to validate my password for one of the websites that I visit, I chose 'What is your favorite candy'? Of course, my response was 'licorice'......'nuff said (it appears that the apple does not fall far from the tree'!

  3. i love green licorice too! I think it was called 'shoestring' or 'ribbon.'

    thanks dad for your password - i will be sure to break into your website.

  4. haha. Nelson discovered the licorice bag i had hidden in his sock drawer today. He was not impressed.