i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, July 17, 2011

fruity facts

today I learned two totally new yet unrelated fruity facts.

1. There is a so-called 'popular' fruit called the mangosteen. Although I must debate its popularity. I have never heard about it my entire life - nor seen it in a grocery store or in a paprazzi US WEEKLY magazine. It is grown on trees in southeast asia. And it looks like this:

You eat the white garliky bit, and apparently it is delicious despite looking like it may give you unkissable breath. It can be added to that list of superhero superfruits we have all been hearing so much about for the past couple of years. There's Goji berries, Acai (pronounced a-sigh-ee)...and now this mangosteen because of its supposed beneficial health benefits.

Have you noticed that superfruits are all super foreign?
North America needs to come up with their own superfruit other than incredible hulk mutant strawberries.

This strawberry threatens to give your babies boobies,
and prevent your corpse from decomposing

I have never eaten this mangosteen but will keep an eye out for it now in the grocery store.
Chinatown might be my best bet.

2. I also learned that bananas do not have juice so they cannot be put in a juicer.
'Who cares?' you might ask.
'Who cares?' I even ask myself. Not me, I don't. It's just a fruit fact. Plain and simple. Banana's are juiceless.

I'm going to juice a mangosteen when i get my hands on one.

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