i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, July 16, 2011

civet brew

Would you believe me if i told you that the most expensive coffee in the world is pre-digested and pooped out first by a little squirrel-like creature?

I know it seems more likely that pigs could learn to speak English and do my laundry for me - but it is true. And this cafe-au-merde sells for up to 600$ per pound.

***I would also like to now add that I have no idea why my learns tend to frequently revolve around the potty. My magnetism to manure facts is purely unintentional, but very strange, no?***

Here is the civet.

And here is not an OHenry bar.

As you see, coffee beans for civets = corn for humans.
And once brewed in this state, it yields an aromatic coffee that cannot compare to undigested beans - thus making it a ridiculous treat that only the rich can afford. Rich people are so strange - like how they smoke electronic cigarettes and buy Neverland Ranches - just because they can.

I stumbled upon this nutty learn quite by accident - when I was researching details of being vegan. I am not a vegan - but really enjoyed my delicious vegan lunch today at a vegan restaurant called 'Aux Vivres,' and thought I would research a little more about their lifestyle.

Vegans don't eat anything that is or comes from an animal - so little civet excrements are on their taboo list. The do this to take a stand against the cruelty of animals that is so often performed to get the animal byproducts. In the case of the civets - they are captured and forcefed coffee beans in terrible conditions. It is absolutely disgraceful.

Vegans impress me.
If I did not love bacon so much - or if i had the discipline to turn away a bacon loaded BLT, I might have attempted this admirable lifestyle.

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