i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, July 14, 2011

away learns

I'M baaaaaaaacKKKKK!

For the past 8 days I have been living like Wilma Flintstone with no internet access (although I did wear shoes and had no pet purple dinosaur named dino).
The last time I was internetless for so long was when the ice storm hit - and those were the olden days when I only checked my email once every 2 weeks anyways. So it did not matter.

Even though I have been on an internet hiatus, it did not stop my insatiable knack for learning at least one semi-interesting fact per day this week.

My learns are as follows (in short form so as not to bore one to be-jebbes):

July 6th:
I learned there is a place on this earth called 'St. Louis de Ha! Ha!' People live there. And there are actually two exclamation points in the title. You would assume it is a funny story how the town got its name, but oh contraire, the Ha! Ha! origin is far less hilarious than its name leads you to believe. The story goes that when this small Quebec town was founded - the discoverer said 'Ha-ha! There is a lake here!'

Of course us anglophone knows they meant 'Aha!' but the name stuck just the same. Which I guess does make it is a 'Ha! ha!' hilarious story in the end.

July 7th:
New Brunswick has the highest tides in the world! Some of them as high as 50ft.

this boat is actually hanging out at low tide
July 8th
I learned that the maritimes make bloody caesars that are 19$ bloody dollars! With a lobster claw garnish pried open to hold a raw oyster...how can I be surprised?

July 9th
'Nova Scotia' means 'New Scotland.'
Seb made fun of me for not knowing this - but neither did Dale (and it has been a new recent discovery for Kim). Well - we had never really thought about it before.

I learned what 'psychometry' means - its an extra sensory perception where a person can read an object by touching it. I have seen psychics do this on crime shows - where they help the police with missing persons.

July 11th
China keeps track of each and every individual tree they have by putting a label on it and occasionally checking up. Dale told me this. He visited China so he must know.

July 12th
When you mix milk and the blood of an ox you can come up with a beautiful stain for wood that looks like marble. Unfortunately i cannot find a picture for the life of me to show how cool this is - but it makes the animal-eater in me wanna splash some wallspace next time i cook a homemade hamburger.

July 13th
Timothy Treadwell.
For those do not know him - holy smokes watch this. One of the most fascinating docs I have seen in a while.

July 14th brings us up to date - and is perhaps one of the most embarassing things that have happened to me career-wise since asking the host of 'Buy Me' who he was at a party when I was working on the show.

Today I learned the importance of not resting important work documents on top of your car before hopping in and driving so a gust of wind can pick them up and chuck them all over the busiest intersection.

It seems a simple common sensical enough thought - but when you just aren't thinking, you must learn this the hard way.

Yes I did this. And I spent the next 15 minutes appearing on various spots of St. Hubert street as a garbage picker - scrambling to catch each of the 50 pages that flew all over like bats from a belfry. Here is what an important script looks like all mangled from Montreal tire treads.

It is even worse when you are missing pages and must ask your new employer to reprint the script, and reissue the dvds he gave you to watch.
Never. ever. again. will. i. forget. something. atop. my. car.


  1. totally forgot to mention my learn about the german christmas pickle while i was away!
    I bought a tree ornament of a pickle. apparently it is a german tradition to hide the pickle on christmas morning, and the child who finds it gets an extra christmas gift. Who knew a Quebeccor could be the one to teach a German this? (Dale knew all about it)

    And what is this 'child' thing? Is it a rule that a kid has to find it? I'm going to throw children out of the way to be the pickle finder. look out christmas 2011.