i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Yogi the Yogi

My sister came over to my condo today to give me a private yoga lesson.
I learned some new moves that the wii fit would be jealous of.

You are supposed to think of nothing while doing yoga. And I was as blank as that blank check in that 90's film 'Blank Check.'
Well...maybe a bit like 'Blank Check' when the check was being filled out. I confess my mind strayed twice.
Once to look at a piece of floating cobweb in my condo, fluttering with the man made fan breeze.
Twice to ponder the question of whether Yogi Bear was named after a Yogi Master. I've always been a fan of the old Hanna-Barbera classic from the 60s, and if you look closely at some of the cartoons there is some very compelling evidence that this may be true. He is Yogier than the average bear.

Yogi's 'pic-a-nic basket salutation'
Yogi's 'cub pose'
Yogi Levitates
Yogi helps boo boo levitate
Yogi balancing his chakra
After class you know what i did. Straight to Mr. Youtube I did go. I learned today that Yogi Bear was indeed indirectly named after a Yogi Yoga Master. Find out more from the zen voice below.

For those of you sans video - get it. But to summarize, a really zen voice just basically reports that 'Yogi Bear' comes from the baseball great 'Yogi Berra,' whose birth name was 'Lawrence Berra,' but his childhood friend thought he looked like an Indian Yogi, so Berra did inherita the nickname. Now apologize to those that had video capabilities but had to hear the explanation twice.

I think this is the Indian Yogi that Yogi Berra's friend thought he looked like...

1936 - this Yogi floated Chris-Angel-style in front of 150 people...
he even took a nap - flying can be so boring.
...and that Berra tried to imitate. They have very similar levitation moves.

Berra catches a pop fly
Berra does the Yogi squat
...Perhaps 'booboo bear' was born when Yogi Berra scraped his knees sliding into third.


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