i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, June 10, 2011

wrinkly hands

I said it two blogs back and I'll say it again.
I have wrinklier hands than a shar-pei (which bytheway is a dog we owned when I was a kid)

our dog aachoo looked just like this
I loved her wrinkles best
But Dad wasn't sure if he liked her backside button
They are the wrinkliest hands ever and get even prunier when they are exposed to water for more than 30 seconds.
My theory behind my wrinkles has always been that because I was like a month late to be born, my hands became water logged from sitting way too long in my moms kangaroo pouch. And I have convinced myself my wrinkles indicate great fortune.

Today my Mom told me that Oma had these hands too. And that there is a proper term other than 'freak' or 'monster' for wrinkly handed people like ourselves.

Can you tell we're related?
I learned the proper term for excessively lined hands is called hyperlinearity. And people who have hands like this apparently are more prone to eczema and asthma!

I have asthma! And Mom gets eczema! How's that for a great palm read?


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