i heart learning

i heart learning

Monday, June 20, 2011

no Quebec nups

Quebec doesn't have pre-nuptial agreements.
This is what I learned today from Lyndsey's mom as I sat on her back deck and ate my very first lobster roll!

And to think four days ago i had no clue what one was. Thanks for inviting me!

i look like a lobster eating turtle
I made a special request to have mine without mayonnaise because it makes me want to vomitaise. Lyndsey politely obliged - and it was delicious! Now that's how you eat lobster...totally hassle free, and your digits remain clean minus a few bun crumbs.

Now back to the pre-nupless province of Quebec!
Pre-nuptial agreements are recognized all over the world - but you have to love Quebec for it's never-ending fight to be 'different/annoying' in everything that it does - so pre-nups they have none.

Even if you and your better half write out and each sign a document stating who gets what in the case of divorce - it still could be thrown out in court and deemed a 'who cares?' document.

this confuses me. If signed agreements between spouses are invalid - then how can regular everyday verbal agreements hold up in court? You see Judge Judy ripping the defendant a new one all the time for verbally agreeing to pay back loans from family and not doing so.

'I'm listening...'
'Oh what a hunk of balogna!'

YOU HAD A.....



Judgement for the plaintiff.
I would not want to piss in her cornflakes.
JJ could sure teach Quebec justice a thing or two. I would have loved to have her in my corner during my unfortunate condo incident shouting out 'liAR!' and 'Jerkface!' to the men who sold it to me.

So in a Quebec marriage you have two choices about how to split the assets in case of divorce according to the matrimonial regime - and your options have to be signed at the notary to be considered valid.

CHOICE 1.  partnerships of acquests
Assets existing prior to marriage remain private property, but everything else including salary is 50/50. Marriages who do not sign anything fall into this category.

CHOICE 2. Seperation as to Property
the split couple keeps whatever is in their names and they split assets in both names.

I am still not totally clear as to how this all works - and am so happy I will never have to learn more. Nelson is like my marbles - for keepsies.

***other weird Quebec laws I learned about tonight include margarine cannot be the same color as butter, or that if you rent a room at the Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal they also must feed your horse freely.

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