i heart learning

i heart learning

Monday, June 13, 2011

nice syndrome

Today I learned about William's syndrome.
If I had to have a syndrome and got to choose which one, I think William's would be the one for me.
It makes people look like garden gnomes. And causes people to behave like Spongebob Squarepants.

What puts this syndrome at the top of my syndrome list is that the people who have it are genetically predisposed to be pleasant. They are extremely social, verbal and overly friendly with everyone they meet. They have a cocktail party type personality that is very endearing and can strike up a conversation with anyone, anytime, anywhere. People with the condition are highly empathetic and studies show they do not discriminate against class or race. 

William's is caused when a certain gene in the 7th chromosome is missing, and 1 in every 7,500 - 20,000 babies are born with it. And like every syndrome it comes with various health challenges (i.e. heart problems or sensitivity to noise). But I can think of plenty of times when a 'friendly gene' could come in handy.

For instance, I could have used a little bit of William's syndrome two days ago when I road raged someone who cut me off. Or the time I wanted to network at an event but ended up just speaking to the person I went to the event with. Or when I was too shy to talk to Ron Livingston when we walked past each other in the underground mall. Hitler would have benefitted enormously from getting just a spoonful of Williams. As would of Christian Bale that infamous day on the 'Terminator' set.

here are some of my favorite William Syndrome faces:

And one thing is for sure - next time I need to break out of my shy I'll be thinking 'what would a William's do?'


  1. Wow...very interesting! I did not know about this particular syndrome. Thank you for your research and bringing it to our attention.


  2. thx so much this has really helped me. Im doing a project on williams syndrome.

  3. I seriously doubt you'd want William's syndrome if you actually met someone who has it. They are among the most intrusive and obnoxious people on the planet. When the literature says "friendly" they do not mean "can talk to anyone" -- they mean "will force anyone to talk to them." I have a neighbor who has this condition and she stalks me around, tells people i am her best friend and her sister (all because I was just trying to be polite by not saying "EW GET AWAY FROM ME YOU RETARD!"), she knocks on my door almost daily trying to shove her way, uninvited, into my home, and god forbid I try to have a conversation with someone outside. She has no common sense and about as much intelligence as a 5 year old child and she's well into her 30s. Also garden gnomes are hideous, and William's people usually cannot drive because they lack the attention span for it.

    1. Really? Thats freakin crazy

    2. You should move. People with Williams are some of the most innocent people you will ever encounter. They are genuine and have a big huge heart. I can understand why you post anonymous. I would be ashamed to feel that way also.

    3. No one would truly 'want' to have a genetic disorder, but at least the writer of this page shows empathy and kindly disposition.

      "Anonymous," however, is a self-centred coward -- devoid of patience, sympathy, humanity. You have absolutely bugger-all grace and beauty - evidenced by your comment, "Ew, get away from me, you retard." Funny, because, "get away from me you retardt" is exactly what I would say to you if you came within a meter of me. I suspect that many people would rather live next-door to a Williams than to you.

      And by the way, garden gnomes may be "hideous" to you -- obviously, not to everyone, lest they wouldn't be in certain gardens -- but no one could be more hideous (and "obnoxious") than an internet troll bereft of kindness, gentility, and understanding. I am combat veteran who does a lot of work with disfigured soldiers and am glad that in my circle, septic tanks like you are few and far between.