i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, June 17, 2011

lobster rolls

They say every seven years you develop new tastebuds.
I have no idea who 'they' are, but 'they' are absolutely right.

Eight years ago, I'd say 'see? food!' rather than eat actual food from the sea. You'd be more likely to catch me wading barefoot through a parasite sewage festival than shooting a raw oyster. The thought of tuna, crab, escargots or lobster could send me on the upchuck express in a jiffy.

Not anymore. In the past eight years, Nelson has trained me to expand my tasting tastebuds by exploring foods beyond mac and cheese and PB & J (although I still consider them basic food groups). I still haven't eaten canned tuna (although I did lick it yesterday), squid or octopus, but I now eat oysters, salmon, tilapia, shrimp, etc, etc on a regular basis. In fact fresh tuna tartar is my favorite, and if 'Finding Nemo' was an available dish, he would find himself on my plate.

I would even eat sebastien, mon!

Today I learned about a 'lobster roll' from Jojo. People seem to be talking a lot about lobster rolls these days - Lyndsey twittered just this week about an intense 'LR' craving she had. I think they are a new-age fish fad...but what exactly are they? It seemed like common knowledge, so I pretended I was a lobster roll connoisseur today when Jojo began talking about them. And as a result, I was sneakily able to discern what they actually are...

...lobster bits stuck in a hotdog bun.

This lobster roll was pre-chewed by a pigeon for your convenience
It looks nasty/amazing!
Nasty because I have pooped things that look tastier.
Amazing because it eliminates the annoyingness of working so hard to crack open and potentially cut yourself for such small lobster meat reward. 

Yes I enjoy lobster very much, but lets face it - the effort to eat it is tremendous and not worth the hassle. I could eat a pound of tartar before I could crack lobster claw meat from its lobster claw. Just recently I made myself a lobster pact that I would not eat it unless it was already de-shelled and ready to eat. The last lobster BBQ I went to, I made Amelia feed me like a baby bird because i couldn't handle all the messines and time spent trying to pry it from its shell. Like eating a chicken wing - it's way too much work for such little reward. So not worth it.

So a 'lobster roll' is basically lazy mans lobster. And now on my 'to try this summer' list.
In the maritime you can try this mcversion.

But something tells me you'd be mcturned off lobster forever.

anyone know where to find a real one in montreal?


  1. My sister has acquired a bunch of lobsters, from a lobster gala she and my mom attended yesterday, so I will be making lobster rolls on Sunday for us. It'll be our first lobster rolls ever too, you can come enjoy this experience with us...however it will in Rosemere!

  2. Try Hudson IGA for fresh lobster!

  3. Oh Lyndsey, if only you'd invited me. Major lobster mobster, I am. And Becks? I totally ate those McLobster Sandwiches (for a limited time only!) when I was a kid. Heck, I even eat the GREEN stuff inside a lobster. Nothing can turn me off the stuff (and no - that is NOT a dare/challenge!)

  4. Lobster at McDonalds is just as fresh and tasty as any other lobster you will eat! Its caught and packed in the Maritimes, just like Lays chips can come from PEI. As for de-shelling the lobster, all you need is a butter knife if you know what your doing. But if you don't, just go on you tube and you'll find plenty of examples.

    ps. Costco and other grocery stores are offering vaccuum packed lobster meat or tails.