i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

lessons from liv

Today at brunch I ate some humble pie with my crispy bacon and cheesy eggs. It tasted like crow.

Not that I think teenagers aren't intelligent, but I did not expect that one could teach me two facts in two hours.

And so I ate.

Olivia is 17.
She is the sister of the 2 Y'd Lyndsey.
And the 2 Y'd Lyndsey had us over at her condo today for brunch.

I have no clue of how it came up - I think we might have been discussing the Terry-Michael J-Fox Meredith mishap (blogged about May 28th) and Olivia said 'yeah Terry Fox is like Rick Hansen.'

I was like 'yeah maybe - who is that guy he sounds familiar...?'
I went to the 'Rick' and 'Hansen' section of my mind rolodex and all i came up with was either 'Rick Bronson' the Montreal comedian:

or that good looking mmmbopping Hanson sister.

Olivia school me.
'He's the guy that went all over in the wheelchair!'
And indeed he is.
I can't even get into the ridiculouslness of how I did not know about this Canadian hero. I blame the rock that i obviously grew up under, and the people that wanna talk about the Thor movie instead of him.

I learned that Rick Hansen is a Canadian paralympian, confined to his wheelchair from a spine injury. He was inspired by Terry Fox - and began to wheel across the globe on a world tour in 1985. He went through 34 countries for 26 months and raised 26 million for spinal injury research. He is amazing.

And it was super freaky-deaky that after I got home from brunch I saw a commercial on tv for Rick Hansen's upcoming 25th anniversary tour. Maybe he has always been a hot topic but I've been wearing a Rick Hansen filter my whole life. I made a video about it but cannot post it because my passion about this coincidence is over-the-top.

Liv also taught me today that a bicycle is not allowed to ride on the highway. But I am pretty sure i have seen Lance Armstrong type bikes pedalling off to the side on highways...

Lyndsey said it was best to double check this fact because Liv has a tendency (like me!) to make up facts and spread it like butter on toast. Like how she told Lyndsey that to work off a single marshmellow you have to run around the world.

I do not know what is worse, that Liv said this to Lyndsey - or that Lyndsey then told it to our bookclub as truth. If it were true the only man who could eat the poofs would be our hero Rick Hansen.

But google and a step-dad confirmed 'no,' that Liv is correct in the bike case. A bicycle on a highway is a nicht nicht.
Of course there are exceptions to every rule...

And now I am going to have to ride a bike on a highway around the world to burn off this humble pie I just stuffed myself with.


  1. Humble pie must be one of my favourites, because I am eating it all the time!

  2. I did not think the marshmellow thing was the truth! I said Liv told me that, but I thought it was ridiculous!