i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, June 05, 2011

just bounce

You can learn the funniest of facts at a garage sale.
Like how much people are willing to spend on old knickknacks.
Or how much old knickknacks can actually be worth.
You can also learn to repel insects by rubbing a bounce dryer sheet on yourself.

Okay you cannot learn that at every garage sale, but I did at Amelia's today. I was helping out for the day, using my slimy car salesmen-like tricks to strike up bargains and interest. All the while mosquitos were brunching away on my A+ blood type, and any other blood type present. Bugs just adore a good garage sale.

can you imagine people have to pose for this shot and let the little vampire do his thing?
They were terrible. If I had a quarter for everytime someone griped about the flesh-eating flies, we could have hired a personal assistant for the day to squash, smoosh and clap every bug into frog smoothies. And then prepare us lunch while singlehandedly running the show and setting us up a bug-free gazebo we could safely sit in.

Instead of quarters, I got some invaluable advice.
I learned from a customer that dryer sheets are the best/cheapest way to protect yourself from flies! 'They are better than any bug spray product out there!' he insisted. Just give a little rub-a-dub-dub, and 'bounce' your skin scrub!

A test:

And.....the test worked! No bites!
And i sure smelled nice. And I still do - it has been hours since that test above and my arms are still laundry fresh.

A bounce sheet will now have to join the jungle collection of teabags, candy, lipbalms, plastic cutlery and receipts that reside in my purse. You never know when a mosquito herd could strike.

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