i heart learning

i heart learning

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

i'm walking on bath salts

Have you heard about 'bath salts?'

Me, I have. I add them to my bath to make my feet soft and silky.
And they smell nice, like zen in a jar.

But today I learned there is more than one kind of bath salt. There is the luxurious relaxing one I use, and a scary one that induces psychosis. It is the newest legal designer hallucinogen available in the States. It is called 'bath salts,' even though the ingredients are completely different than the nice bath salts were use to soak in the tub.

Apparently its effect is more potent than drugs like cocaine or meth - but because it is still legal, people (including underage teens) are buying it in stores for 20$ and openly using it.

Up until today, I thought allison's 'walking on sunshine' addiction was the craziest out there...(I know the video is long - but at least watch the intro)

But these 'bath salts' might take the cake. Lets hope these are banned soon - and never find their way into Canada.

What will the 'breaking bad' chemists think of next? Smoking bedsheets? Eating paint? Tune into my favorite realest of reality series' 'Intervention' to find out.


  1. Wow - That Allison's is equally tragic and hilarious. I heard about the bath salts last night, but the report said they were now banned in the US. Didn't know they were somehow different from typical bath salts.

  2. Did you see the bath salt special on 20/20?
    Poor Allison - good news though, now she's walking on earth. She has been sober since the show aired however many years ago.

  3. Bath salt is a joke name, they've also been sold as bonsai fertilizer, room deodorizer, incense... They're named this way because they can't be sold for human consumption.

    The whole industry is a disaster; more often than not companies refuse to say what's in their blends; as a result shops have no idea what they're really selling, and the people who buy have no idea what they're actually buying.

    First anon post is right, there was a recent ban in the USA, banning most of these compounds. Technically they were already illegal over there due to the analog law, but now they're just officially so. As for Canada, a lot the chemicals contained in these blends are already illegal, so I doubt you'd see actual physical shops ever selling them here.