i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, June 19, 2011

holy cement

Today I learned two new things that are totally unrelated - but still both totally interesting.

1. I learned you can buy little glass jars of water from the river Jordan where Jesus was baptized.

This jar was a gift to Amelia from a stranger in the apartment building she works in. It has a certificate of authenticity, so we can eliminate the possibility of it being a fraud from lac 'pooey' louie.

Amelia is not religious, but the gift is interesting all the same.
The water comes in a hand-blown glass jar and is sealed by candle wax. I am surprised at how clean it is also - there is zero sediment. I guess you use it as decoration until you crack it open for a baptism or when your curiosity gets the better of you. One of the first questions I had when I saw it was whether or not it had become stagnant in there.

It'd be great if you could order organic material from various places all over the world. My arm could be twisted to buy sand from Area 51 or bermuda triangle atmosphere. I'd store it in a locket or a pandora charm bead so I could wear it on my bracelet.

Must do a search on ebay...

2. the other thing I learned from Nelson is that if you place batteries on cement they drain faster! This may possibly be an old wives tale - google has many debates over the issue - but either way I have learned an old wives tale that I never knew before.

And just in case, I will remove my laptop battery from its current favorite resting spot - my cement condo floor.

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  1. Since I'm still in "guest blogger" mode, did you know that tap water has traces of birth control in it? It isn't filtered out of our water, I've heard, and is causing infertility in men. How many, I'm not sure. And also where, I'm not sure of either. But scary...no?