i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, June 09, 2011

handsome handicure

***below is a post for June 08th - I had a power outage and no internet last night.***

Today I learned the importance of always having nicely manicured hands.
You never know when they will be called upon for an impromptu videoshoot.

Typically my fingies work behind the scenes, confined to a keyboard and never to be seen by natural light - and certainly never by a camera! But today was the day my digits got their 15 minutes. And boy was I glad my nails were up to snuff.

I was recutting a promo video for Debbie when I heard her holler 'Beccaaaa!'
So I screamed back from my editing suite - 'Yeeeeeah?'
Debbie: 'Come here a minute!'
So I followed the sound of her voice to another edit suite set up as a makeup room.
Debbie: 'Lemme see your hands!'

I am always nervous about showing people my hands. They are wrinklier than a Shar-pei...

I tell myself that wrinkly old man hands must mean big palm reading fortunes
...and I have a talon-like index fingernails that chinese-speaking estheticians always point out to their friends and giggle during manicures.

They are oddly shaped and pointy. And could make a great living as comedians in Asia.

So you can see why showing my hands to a decor goddess was not on my bucket list. Had it been my neighbor or a street bum I would have whipped them out no problem. I wanted to, but telling Debbie Travis 'No way Jose!' or bringing my nails close to my face so I could approve them beforehand was simply out of the question. So I held them out flat like a naughty child in army bootcamp.

Debbie looked at them for .3 seconds and determined: 'Oh these are fine.'

I was shocked! 'Fine,' not decline she said! And in such an easy-breezy-beautiful-covergirl sort of way that made them actually seem nice! And I must admit - when I ogled a bit closer I realized they are looking quite fantastic for non-manicured nails. Toot toot! Thank goodness for all the buffing and rejuvacoating I have started in the past month. I would have been crushed if she'd giggled in chinese. 

Then with a wave of her hand the makeup lady slapped on some clear coat and bronzified the backs of my hands so I could impersonate regular human fleshtones. Then I proudly let my hands channel Gisele as they stole the show in an over-the-shoulder shot of them using an IPAD that i later edited into the promo I was cutting.

You certainly cannot change the appearance of your hands - mine will forever resemble an pale old mans. But I learned today that taking care of your nails really pays off! Mine are fine! Debbie the decor guru says so.

thumbs up to Becca's nails!
*image is copyright

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