i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The word 'festoon' sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it?
Like a festival and a balloon got together to dance to '90s club hits. It is certainly fun to say. 

Pump up the Jam
I also like to say 'Dubrovnik.' Just thought you should know.

Today I heard the word 'festoon' for the first time and learned it has two meanings, one born from the other - and I actually learned the 2nd meaning first....from the scariest doctor since Dr. Frankenstein. Naturally I am talking about America's favorite primetime Doctor (besides Phil of course), Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz is kind of like the Wizard of Oz in that he puts the fear in you. That's his schtick.
With quotes like 'somewhere over the rainbow you might get cancer,' and 'I have a feeling we're not ingesting enough omegas, toto' it is hard not to tune in from time to time to see how THE OZ predicts you might die. It's fun to be scared occasionally, no? Tuning into Dr. Oz is better than watching SAW part XXIV.

Today he was talking about festoons.
And the word may be fun to say - but not so fun when it is growing on your face.

Festoons are the pouches or 'baggy' eyes that some people get as they age. They make you look tired even though you've had 2 coffees, 4 redbulls and some green magma to boot.

Dr. Oz knows a guy who knows how to surgically remove them. And the results are superb. 

Now you can really tell how bright eyed and bushy tailed this lady is after her daily caffeine dose.

And this woman looks 20 years younger! It is pictures like this that make me a firm believer in plastic surgery. It can do so much for one's self-esteem - just look at her smile.

What an ironic, happy ending for Oz. More like a 'Full House' episode than 'Freddie versus Jason,' really.

Anyways - when I was researching about festoons for this blog I learned how the eye bags inherited their name. Festoons are anything that form a loop between two points.

Like theatre curtains.

or this frilly thing.
I think the resemblance is now quite clear.
But it doesn't make 'festoon' any less fun to say. I still want to shout it from the mountaintops while listening to 'Every body Dance now!' 


  1. Now I can put a name to those ugly looking bags under my eyes! Not that the name makes me feel any better!

  2. I am a very happy girl right now.
    One week after I did this blog entry - I found a passage on page 272 of my bookclub book that resonates.

    'Donna and her prom committee had festooned the gym with banners...'


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