i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, June 09, 2011

las flosstitutes

My Nelson is in Las Vegas right now.

I hope he comes home with all of his teeth, and that he has successfully avoided a run-in with Mike Tyson's tiger in his hotel room.

If I'm lucky maybe he's scoped out some good future wedding venues...

So he called me today to give me an update on his trip - and he taught me about the 'Flippers' of Vegas.
'Flippers' in Vegas are not water shoes or a term for home renovators. Its the title given to people on the strip who line up and 'flip' out trading cards to anyone passing. They give cards to old ladies, teenagers, fathers, pregnant women....anyone. Isn't that nice? After all, Ebay sells some trading cards for thousands...

This girl with the nice hair seems to have collected them all
...but the cards we're talking aren't one-of-a-kind baseball rarities. These cards feature 'the ladies of the night.' You know - the night ladies. Heidi Fleiss work women. Women whose profession rhymes with flosstitute. Each card has her photo, phone number, and a cheesy tagline like 'I'm dying to meet you.'

Only Vegas could make this trendy.
I would totally 'flip on the strip' if it existed for film editors or graphic designers.

Nelson said it was crazy how many flippers there are. Watch this flipper video - there are on the strip than mosquitos in Saddlebrook!

'Every card comes with a pic of a lovely lady, low self esteem and the absence of a father figure!'

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