i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, June 18, 2011

'C' allergies

I know my allergies.
Please see the 'I'm a drug Lord' blog I wrote in early May if you don't know that I know my allergies.
They don't call me 'allergy Arsenault' or 'bubble becca' for nothing. I am allergic to beef for goodness sake!

So that is why I was shocked today to learn of two allergies I had never heard of before.

I was at my parents house for dinner tonight for Father's Day (Happy Day Daddy-O! Sorry we opened your present of licorice allsorts and chewed a few before you consented to share the goods) when my father got a call from a dinner guest they are having tomorrow night. From the one sided phone eavesdropping I was doing, I understood that the man was either an extremely fussy eater or had quite possibly the weirdest allergies I have ever heard of. He was making non-requests of food he absolutely did not want to see or taste at tomorrows dinner. My dad was taking notes on a post-it:

Celery and Cilantro.

Sure enough, my father confirmed after he hung up that the 'phone man' has food allergies that are so severe to celery and cilantro they can be fatal if he comes into contact with either one of them.

attack of the killer celery stalk!

attack of the killer cilantro!

So bizarro. I mean when I think of potentially fatal food allergies I am thinking of peanuts for sure. Peanut allergies have come to rule our whole way of life. Tons of things are now 'peanut free' in order to accomodate the every growing number of peeps with the problem. And lets face it, we all know some person who can really ruin a peanut butter & jam party with their 'Not in front of me guys, I could die' routine. Nelson has a friend who cannot even smell a Reese's peanut butter cup without running for his epi-pen. He wouldn't even be able to look at the picture below without swelling up like Martin Short in 'Pure Luck' - Louis if you are reading this right now, please close your eyes and scroll down half a page before continuing.

Louis if you looked - think happy thoughts! Imagine puffing your ventilin

I have done some research and learned that cilantro is a semi-rare allergy, but the people who have it are generally affected in a big way upon ingesting it - and it being fatal is not unheard of.

And celery allergies are even more shocking. In North America we are ruled by the peanut allergy, but in the UK celery takes the lead of 'most common allergies.' Like here for peanuts, companies in the UK label their 'celery free' products. And again - the allergy can be fatal.

One thing is for sure - Ants on a log are always a nicht-nicht.
Louis close your eyes.

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