i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, June 24, 2011

ear jobs

The Bollywood Oscars are coming up. I have never watched them - and could not name you even one actor popular in hindi cinema. Not one.

But today I did catch a glimpse of some of the women to walk down the green carpet (I learned that their 'red' oscar carpet is actually green, to raise awareness for the environmental issues in India and around the world) and they are absolutely breathtaking, even though I don't think our oscar daredevil dresser J-LO is even brave enough to sport the bare belly tops these ladies go for.

I didn't realize that some of these women were so modern. And I can't help but notice that Bollywood actors are the 'through the looking glass' versions of famous Hollywood.

Lets see...you have your Uncle Jesse from Full house

Your Kim Kardashian...

Your Brangelina...

James Gandolfini, JLO and a fan trying out for Indian Idol

and Megan Fox....

Pamela Anderson with brown hair...

And last but not least, Rupert Everett

What a bunch of good looking people! And the women do their part to make sure they are very glamourous for the green carpet event. I learned that one trend for the women is to wear the heaviest, most glamorous earrings. The more painful, the better.

It becomes a case of ear versus earring - and in many cases the ear loses, being ripped and actually torn under the weight of the metals. It is such a problem now that plastic surgeons have quoted that earlobe repair surgery is quickly becoming one of the more popular surgeries to have. Lobe lifts are all the rage in india.

However not everyone is just ripping and repairing - I learned some women are avoiding the surgery altogether by calling in lobe reinforcements to strengthen their ear skins. Many now are having their lobes injected with a silicone-like material that is thick and able to support the earring weight without pulling down and stretching the ear.

So say goodbye to boob jobs and hello to ear ones!


  1. "Angelina", "Meagan Fox" and "Pam Anderson" all look like that same actress to me, the star of the Indian Nipple Song that I so love. Is it possible she wore three outfits on the same day?

  2. yes perhaps she is the same person!
    What a metamorphosizer.

    tell me more about this indian nipple song?!

  3. OMG - never heard it? Have I got a treat for you...