i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, June 02, 2011


if you're from North America i guarantee you know that sound.
I guarantee you have heard it within the last week unless you are a house hermit or agoraphobe.
For those of you that are no good at translating o-ka-leeeeeeeeeeee letters into sound, here's a hint.

It's a sound that I have heard thousands of times but never really thought twice about; a random universe sound that just exists without a source. Like a fridge hum.

Today while rollerblading to the Old Port I had an ah-ha! moment when I accidentally discovered the o-ka-leeeee source. One of those black birds with red and yellow tipped wings was pouncing in the grass. As I passed we made brief eye contact. How adorable! Look at me, a regular Dr. Doolittle, lover and communicator of all animals!

Then I actually saw his pointy beak open and the words come out!
O-ka-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I have a knack for languages, and took it to mean 'allo, belle fille!' or 'o-ka-leee-d'okily!' in blackbird speak.
Within milliseconds I had solved the mystery of the sound I never never realized was a mystery!

My birdboy looked like this. (boy because the females don't have the wing colors)
This is not MY bird, but a bird is a bird is a bird
I'm sure to him I look just like Will Smith
I was very happy to have met him - but later learned I was a little misguided as to my original interpretation of his o-ka-leeee.

I read that these blackbirds have quite a chip on their shoulders to go along with the red and yellow. They are generally P'O'ed and extremely territorial. It is not uncommon to see them open a can of Hitchcock and rip you a new head orphus if you so much as breathe around them. Cyclists and rollerbladers are particular targets.

With this new information i can now safely reasses that 'O-ka-leeeeeeeeeee' translates to 'F U get off my turf' in blackbird, rather than 'Allo."
I hope this doesn't mean my cat speak is off as well...I would hate to think all those 'i love you's' from Stellabijou were a miscommunication.

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