i heart learning

i heart learning

Monday, June 27, 2011

bastard amber

When I heard about a Montreal production company today called 'Bastard Amber' I thought to myself 'that's not nice. What a dirty dirty potty mouth name to choose for a company. Just because they don't like a girl named Amber doesn't mean they should dedicate their whole company to defaming her.'

If I were Amber and I had money lying around to pay lawyers, I might press charges.

But because I am Becca and not Amber, with no money lying around, I looked it up anyway to see if they had an opening for an editor - hey, a girl's gotta work! ( even if I knew the chances were they might call me bastard or bonehead becca if my cv didn't suit their needs).

When I googled 'Bastard Amber' to do more company research, the first thing to pop up was a link to DICTIONARY.COM, where I then learned that the term is actually film production lingo that I had never heard of before!

Turns out Bastard Amber Productions are not the bastards I thought they were.

'Bastard Amber' is the color of a gelatin filter.

Productions place these filters over their lighting so that it casts an amber-pinkish tone.

It looks amazing with flesh tones, and photographers and the theatre use it all the time so their subjects don't look pale or corpsy blue.

nice amber legs
The terrible name comes from when someone once upon a time was making a simple amber gel, but messed up the batch, creating an unwanted color without a father. Alas, an amber child was born. The director happened to use it anyway and discovered it was a fabulous lighting technique for human skin - and filming has never been the same since! Neither has any lighting technician named Amber.

The censored version is called a 'bamber,' for underage kids, priests and NBC.

I am so glad I learned about 'bastard amber' the easy I-googled-it way - instead of inserting my foot into my mouth by telling the BA company I thought they were mean spirited. That's what you would have called a bonehead becca.

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