i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Bay? No way!

When I think of the department store 'The Bay' I think of mumu's, old alfred sung perfume and granny bridget jones panties.

I conceived this opinion after I was barely conceived myself - back in my pre-alphabet days when I thought the 'B' was just fancy ribbon, and I was short enough to see up the shopper ladies' skirts. Not that I looked.

Although I have no precise memory of the moment this notion was born, it is not surprising that as a kid I wrote 'The Bay' off as being a place full of old lady stuff. My mom shopped there - and at 30 she was the oldest lady I knew (besides oma and g-ma of course - who were ancient). What is surprising, however is that I still to this day never set foot in 'The Bay' to shop for myself - based on that viewpoint I made in my single digit age, many moons ago and popsicles ago.

I had never considered updating this judgement until today.
The story:

As usual, I had the 'day off.' So did Erica. So we met at the halfway point between our homes for a sisterly chitty chat - at JAVA U in the fairview mall, where Twilight Part Whatever was playing on their flatscreens. We visited/watched Dakota Fanning as a vampire at the same time - boy she is practically old enough now to shop in 'The Bay!'

Anyways Erica had to go to 'The Bay' and so I tagged along. - reprising my role as 'The Bay' child sidekick. I was surprised she had to go there - Erica is very chic and svelte - not a mothball wearing Kate Olsen dresser in the least...

Kate Olsen got her Bag Lady clothes at 'The Bay' in my mind -  aisle 6, beside felt hats
...I was intrigued...
...and not disappointed...
I learned.....drumroll please..........that they actually have beautiful brand name clothes! And great sales to boot! And boots on sale! Like a nylon snagged on a jagged toenail - it took precisely 3 minutes to tear apart my faulty opinion that took 28 years to build.
In 5 minutes I'd pulled 10 outfits to try....

...and in 15 minutes I'd made my first 'The Bay' purchase! A dress for a wedding I am going to this month. Here is a silky swatch - a little peek at the bombshell I will morph into on July 30th.

Talk about a 180 degree spin! I went from mumu basher to HBC fan club treasurer all within one little visit to my sister. I expect my HBC card to arrive after this mail strike is all sorted.

Thanks Erica for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of 'The Bay!'
Wanna go next Wednesday?

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