i heart learning

i heart learning

Monday, May 30, 2011

why honey-sticks?

Jojo's favorite word is 'why?'
I have never heard anybody use the 'why' word as much as Jojo.
His 'why's?' are usually unanswerable and pointless.

'why are we going to eat breakfast?'
'why do those people walk their dogs?'
'why does so-and-so have such a funny haircut?'
'why do you sing?'
'why are you boiling a sausage?'
'why is the best word ever why?'
'But why?!'

Jojo is not a little boy as his 'why' questions would have you believe. He is 28 years old and a full grown man. He is just very curious about life.

It must have been a blue moon tonight because he asked a question during a honey nut cheerio commercial which i found intriguing.

'Why do they put honey on like that?'
'Why are their holes in the stick?'
'Why can't they just use a spoon?'

I was surprised he did not ask 'why' it was possible for a bee to carry a honey stick like that in his hands? Or 'why' the bee had hands in the first place?

It is not often that Jojo's 'whys?' inspire real thoughts other than 'Jojo is an idiot' in my brain - but tonight his questions made me realize that I had no idea about these honey drizzling sticks myself. I didn't even know what they were called.

Funnily enough, I learned I was bang on! That they are actually called 'honey drizzlers,' and I learned they are superior to spoons because the honey gets caught in the wood ridges and is less likely to drip when you don't want it to.

I don't mean to burst any hard core honey drizzler advocates, but I am pretty sure the honey bear squeezetop makes the best drizzle of a honey's schizzle.
Why doesn't Cheerios know that?

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