i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Today I learned something that I am not sure is actually true - but its all i got for today!

In the olden days of 2001 I used to tan like I was a jersey shore cast member.

Snooks ain't got nuttin on me!

*** personal pic to follow

Yessir I liked to look brown.

But in recent years, my aesthetician has scared the crappiolas outta me with her comments on my aging skin texture. "You look sooo old!" is what she said. And ever since then I have been abiding by the Nicole Kidman sun diet. The last thing I want is a leather face like that Magda lady from 'something about mary'

Nicole Kidman refuses to shoot her acting scenes if the UV rays are a risk. She wears big floppy hats. That is how her skin stays so white.

SO naturally I have picked up her white skin tricks. One of my other tricks is to wear 80 sunscreen. It drives Nelson crazy. He likes my sun-kissed damaged skin freckles.

I learned today from Mathieu that the number on sunscreen stands for how long in minutes it lasts on your skin.

So 15 sunscreen is good for 15 minutes. 45 sunscreen is good for 45 minutes.
I am so glad I wear 80. And when Nelson looks like an old bag lady he will be wishing he did the same!


  1. Becca
    Mathieu is only partially correct. How it is determined is by how long it takes you to burn without sunscreen.
    Example: If it takes you 10 minutes to burn without sunscreen and then you use 15 SPF you multiply 10x15. You can stay 150 minutes in sun using 15SPF. Another variable factor is how much sunscreen you use. Most people do not put on as much as they should so then the time would decrease proportionately.
    Love ya!

  2. Ah yes!
    thank you for clarifying - and I know you know your sunblock...that pic on your fridge is proof you bronzed beauty!