i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, May 29, 2011

tinky winky wrist

Today I learned about wrist sprains. Because I am convinced I have sprained my wrist.

It is different from my many other ailments like my chronically sore neck, tailbone or dry nostrils because this time you can actually SEE the hurt.

I was cleaning my shower door in a weird hand position when I heard a little 'snappy snap.' Then a subtle but sharp pain in my wrist. The area immediately turned a Tinky-Winky like tinge.

Ey yo!

This injury is almost as pathetic when Maya severely sprained her thumb putting on one of those nylon lady socks. Who sprains their wrist washing down a shower door?

The purple is not big. But it is sensitive. And thinking about their being blood trapped below my skin surface is making my grip weak.

I am freaking out about possibly not being able to play tennis.

Me the medical exaggerator I am, assumed it was broken. But then Dr. Mom had a looksee and says it's probably just a sprain.

Everyone always downplays a sprain. It's a catchall for injuries like autism is for behavioural problems. Anytime something isn't broken - it is sprained - Maya's thumb, for example. "Sprained' is one of those words that I think I understand because it gets thrown around a lot. But when I actually think about it I am not exactly sure what it means. So I turned to the internet, the great teacher of all things to teach me.

I learned that sprains are most common in the ankle or wrist because there's a whole tangle of ligaments there (in addition to 8 bones).

And a sprain happens when a ligament in the wrist gets torn. Talk about my grip getting weak - i am having a hard time typing even thinking about ligament-tears.

And I am convinced that was the snap snappy I heard. My Ulnolunate ligament rebelling beneath my skin.

That'll teach me to clean the bathroom.
It may have to join 'taking out the garbage' on the 'chores I refuse to do' list.

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  1. Sprains also take longer to heal than clean breaks (I think). Although I am sure your wrist will heal fast. Hope you feel better!