i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, May 05, 2011

tea dance

I learned tonight that women in Morocco can make good money as 'professional tea tray dancers.' I don't have a tray but I do have a head and some tea. So I thought I'd give tea tray box dancing a whirl. 

I discovered I cannot do much more than balance - but if I speed up the footage it looks like I've got a little jive going on.

Usually I am pretty good at making tea. Boiling water is my thing. And it appears I have a knack for balancing it too.

Well -  balancing imaginary tea that is. I chose not to test real tea, just in case I oopsie daisy'ed and videotaped scalding hot water burn a hole through my skin.

Look how amazing real professional tea tray dancers are!

la-de-dah. Check out my tea yoga.
Check this link from a tea dancer in California - I thought peeping my head out from behind a countertop was good....

I confess I learned this little tiddie from my guilty pleasure, America's Next Top Model.
Usually I use ANTM as a brain blanker, like meditation where I can tune out my entire life to focus on how pretty models and clothes are. And to sing-lie to myself that 'Anything they can do I can do better' song.
So I cherish the times like tonight when I feel that America's Next Top Model is good for my education. 

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  1. James...

    ...might need smelling salts. THAT cool fact was gleaned from ANTM???

    I don't know what that means, but I'm buying a lottery ticket just to be safe.