i heart learning

i heart learning

Friday, May 27, 2011

sister cities

Day #4 of Nelson's Challenge
Today I learned that Hiroshima is Montreal's 'city sister' from another mister.
In fact I learned that Montreal has 5 sister cities. That's a whole lotta sisters. As many sisters as the Kardashian clan!

Here they are: Kylie Kourtney, Kim, Kendall. and Khloe,

Oh and here are Montreal's sisters: Lyon, Milan, Shanghai, Busan (south korea) and Hiroshima.

I find it fascinating that Montreal has chosen such different cities than itself as sisters. I thought the term 'sister' meant they had to resemble each other in some way. Like how Venus and Earth are sister planets, or how me and my sisters all look kinda similar. Or the KKKKK Klan above. Call me crazy, but Hiroshima and Montreal's common ground is that they are both cities on the planet earth. And that humans live in the cities.

But I learned that sister cities are not chosen by similarities. I learned what sister cities actually are and what they do.

The objectives of sister cities is to promote friendship, goodwill, education, development, economics and tourism between them. It is an official signed agreement by both cities, like a bff broken heart necklace.

I learned that Hiroshima has a Montreal Day every year to celebrate its sister city. I have added this to my 'things to do in my lifetime' list. Nothing like going to Hiroshima for sushi poutine on Montreal day! And Montreal has a Peace Memorial Ceremony at the Botanical garden every August 6th to commemorate Hiroshima for the Atomic bomb devastation it endured on that day in 1945. This is now on my 'things to do this summer' list.

I would be really impressed if there was a sort of travel deal for citizens of both cities to freely visit our sister cities, After all - we're family.

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