i heart learning

i heart learning

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

should've learned in 1987

Today I learned something I should have learned many moons ago - like when I was old enough to wipe my own bum.

I pride myself on having a wealth of computer skills. Avid, Final Cut, After Effects - I feel so close to Photoshop that I photoshopped a photoshop tattoo across my forehead (after digitally deshining my forehead and whitening my teeth as well of course).

I have to know these programs, the computer is my livelihood. It's how I make my bread and butter (or how I'm able to buy it at the grocery store anyway). Thank goodness for its invention. If I were born pre-computer days I'd probably be a children's party magician pulling Stella from my Coach purse. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

And if there were no computers I would be writing this blog in my head - because you know that writing by hand takes too long and gives you that wretched writer's bump on your middle finger. You remember the one. You had it in elementary school.

People always assume because I work on the computer that I am super technically saavy - and I am...compared to my mother that is, who just recently learned how to open up Firefox. Next to her I resemble a man in glasses and a purple v-neck.

Just call me Billy-boy Gates

But in the real world of regular computer users I rank in the 20th percentile. I did not do a test to find this out, but I am sure that's were I fall on the troubleshoot spectrum. It's not terrible - but it's nothing to brag about either. When I get work contracts I typically omit this little fun fact about myself from clients.

Not today! Had a enriching computer learning experience in front of clients - and by e-mail, no less. So I can reread my 'mother-moment' over and over again.

I was having a kind of 'off' day techincally. Before I even got started on the work computer I had to ask a colleague-stranger why I had no sound. He left his very important task he was in the middle of to come to my edit suite and turn on the external monitor - where the sound comes from. oopsies.

But it did't stop there. I got an e-mail from 'Happy Slapping' (the iphone film i am compositing for) with a clip link. I could open the clip on a tab, but not download it. So of course I started an e-mail thread to everyone on the production asking how to do it.

The reply: Right click & save target as...
My reply to his reply: lol - im an artist, okay?

How could I not know this? I just used the same formula twice to grab those google images of Bill Gates and finger bump!

Ah well. Everyone's gotta learn how to wipe their bum sometime! Even if it's in their 29th year.


  1. Becca, You are making me LOL!!! It did take you a long time to learn how to wipe though.

  2. haha! did it really? I guess I'm not too surprised - it took me a long time to crawl, talk and walk too! becca the 'sponge'