i heart learning

i heart learning

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RPG's ain't for kids

As you know from my April 18th blog entry, I am kind of crazy about RPG's. That is a gamer acronym for 'Role playing games.'

Not the sexy naughty-nurse/french maid kind of role playing games, but the nerdy vege-on-your-couch-for-2-days kind.

i love Zelda, World of Warcraft, Superstar saga and Final Fantasy (especially VII). I carry a gameboy advance in my purse with all my favorite RPG's so I can whip it out on a whim and play it on the bus, doctor's office or in a traffic jam.

Zelda is my favorite RPG, and we go back a long time - to the ancient days of blowing on your cartridge to make the game work.

look at Link lift a chicken over his head in front of the fortune teller!

But today I learned that not all RPG's are fun.

RPG is also a term used in war weaponry, that stands for 'Rocket Propelled Grenade.' And it is not part of a game. Upon impact it blows whatever it touches and a 30ft radius to smithereens. I learned about it from 20/20, where they featured a story about an American soldier in Afghanistan who survived being hit by an RPG that didn't detonate.

The soldier's name was Channing Moss. And an RPG impaled him during an attack.

He survived because military doctors all went against army protocol by risking their lives to remove the grenade from his body.

If you would have asked me yesterday how I would like to have an RPG hurled at me, I would have said 'bring it on baby! I'm always looking for a new RPG' to get thrown my way!'

But because of what I learned today, I sing a different tune.

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