i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, May 19, 2011

piss poor

Seeing as yesterdays entry was about poop, I figured I'd cover all my bases and make todays entry about the Number 1. Pee. Which I coincidentally happened to learn about today.

Today I learned from a chain email from Auntie Rosie where the expressions 'piss poor' and 'no pot to piss in' came from. It wasn't one of those scary chain mails that insist if you don't resend it to 20 people Jesus will frown and remember it next time you need him. The only consequence of not forwarding this chain email is that you deprive people of knowing the history behind these 'piss' expressions which would be a shame.

***SIDE CAUTIONARY NOTE - Auntie Rosie loves to forward all sorts of messages from her inbox. The last one she sent was informative too. It was about a boy who died from his cellphone blowing up in his hand when he answered it while it was still plugged into the wall. There were pictures too.

lesson learned everyone? cellphones must be unplugged for you to use them.

Good. Now I can continue with today's learn.
So 'piss poor' comes from back in the days when they used urine to tan animal skins. Some families would all pee in a pot and bring it to the tannery once a day to sell it. Urine softened the skins and made them easier to work with. If the families had to do this daily to survive they were considered 'piss poor.'

But even poorer than the 'piss poor' were the families who had 'no pot to piss in,' because they could not afford a peepot.
Tinkle tinkle in a pot.
If you do you're poor or what?
Sell it to the tanner man,
if no pot - you've got two hands!

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  1. Wow! Being such a "Piss-Minute", I could have made a fortune! (hopefully at least enough to pay someone for carrying all that pee to the tannery...)