i heart learning

i heart learning

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nelson's challenge

Nelson decided that today would be the day he put his foot down.

He does not consider my learning about breastmilk ice cream or the origins of the expression 'piss poor' to be particularily useful information. He would prefer my blog learns include some 'important' and undoubtedly boring facts about government and politics. Nelson likes it when I am a productive and interactive human in society.

So today was the day he challenged me to learn what he considers to be 'useful knowledge' for the remainder of the week.

The camel? Nelson.
The straw? my absence of knowledge about the Bank of Canada.

It all started when he was getting some good reading in during a bathroom break. I guess he stumbled upon something he thought I would care to hear about it. So we had a bathroom-living room yell to each other conversation as we often do:

Nelson: Are you serious???
Me: (checking my email while watching Tabatha's Salon Takeover; my silence the signal he should continue)
Nelson: Are you listening?
Me: ...listening!
Nelson: The Bank of Canada is going to be imposing a higher interest rate...

(aaaand this is where I tuned out. My attention span has a little 'off' switch that got pushed with the words 'higher interest rate.' I was born with the I don't care about this sort of stuff gene...especially when I don't think it applies to me in any way. And what a misleading lie that word 'interest' is! The person who invented it as a money term must have been playing opposites that day. Talking about interest is about as interesting as watching your neighbor cut their toenails.)

But I have learned better than to interrupt my Nelson mid-sentence, so for a few moments we played Charlie Brown and his teacher.
wah wah wahhhh wah wahhhh wah wah wah wah 
Me: So why are you so upset? We have our mortgage at Desjardins not the Bank of Canada.
Nelson: Oh my (toilet flush)!!

I knew instantly that he was not impressed with my answer, and that somehow I had said something not so clever, forever crossing myself off his 'phone a friend' list. I was going to get a little lecture once his hands were washed.

Instead he presented me with his 5 day 'learn important things' challenge.

I'm the first to admit that I know not much about much when it comes to stuff like that. So in an effort to become more educated in things everyone should know, and to make Nelson happy - I have accepted Nelson's challenge.

So prepare yourselves to join me in my quest to learn some boring/important things in the next few days that common Canadians should know. I won't blame you if you misplace the 'i love learning' bookmark until the 28th, but encourage you to encourage me.

So today is challenge day 1.
And I have learned that the 'Bank of Canada' is Canada's central bank that regulates the rate of inflation that all Canadian banks abide by. I'm sure it does other things but I wouldn't want my head to explode.

On to day 2!

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