i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, May 28, 2011

michael J terry fox

Day #5 of Nelson's challenge (THE FINAL DAY!)
Today I turned on the boob-tube as I do everyday.
I was preparing to pop 'Inception' into my blu-ray player when I caught a glimpse of Michael J wearing a shiny medal. 

When I hear Michael J and shiny in the same sentence I think of moonwalks and crotch grabs. And so do you. Unless you are a rock lobster, Amish, or raised in that Footloose town that Kevin Bacon lived in where no one is allowed to dance.

But there is more than one famous Michael J, you know. There is also the Foxy one. And my blog today is about Michael J Fox's 'Order of Canada' medal he was just awarded.

Now before I get that medal, I just have to squeeze this other case of Michael J mistaken identity in. It is perhaps the best/worst thing since processed cheese. It happened last year at the Olympics on National television, and is the ultimate Peter Pan of news reports. It never gets old. I know it has nothing to do with how I learned about the 'Order of Canada' today, but Mrs. Meredith's Mishap is too amusing to miss. 

This would never happen to Madonna or Sting.
I wish this moment was tangible so I could keep it in my pocket and look at it when I am sad. 

Back to the 'Order of Canada!'
I had never heard of it before today. It is a medal awarded to Canadians for a lifetime of outstanding achievement or remarkable service to this country. Michael J Fox received his for his never-ending research on Parkinson's disease. Go Teen Wolf!

There are other 'Order' medals that are awarded for various reasons, but the only one that supersedes the 'Order of Canada' is the 'Order of Merit,' and is given to those who have given exceptional service to the Royals in some way. Famous historical names like Florence Nightengale and Rudyard Kipling are on the list of past recipients. Only four Canadians to date have received the Order of Merit, the most recent being 'Jean Chretien.' 

The Queen herself awards the winners with the Order of Merit and the 'Order of Canada' is on her behalf.

Lets just hope NBC doesn't write the Queen's congratulations speech.
Or that Who Wants to be a Millionaire doesn't ask Meredith the difference between Foxes.

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