i heart learning

i heart learning

Sunday, May 08, 2011

magical green magma

I learned about Green Magma today!

It may look like just a little tub with GREEN MAGMA on the label, but my sister Erica insists there is magic inside. She takes Green Magma every day and has not been sick for 2 years! Either this stuff really works, or Erica was born with that superhuman gene Bruce Willis had. 

GM is powdered barley grass juice. And it is good for bubble girls like me who get sick 53 weeks of the year. Just two teaspoons twice daily dissolved in a water smoothie can help strengthen your immune system. And all who know me and my immune system know it could use a little TLC. 
Yesterday out of the blue I woke up with Rod Stewart's voice and a nasty chest cold. When I involuntarily coughed up green ick on my sweater sleeve I knew I probably had my favorite illness, bronchitis.

Green Magma sounds right up my sick alley.
Watch me give it a shot:

Watch Nelson give Green Magma a go:

It is really not as bad as he makes it seem. Perhaps I need a third opinion.
Watch Stella's promotional video for Green Magma:

I am not discouraged by their opinions. Isn't there a rule that everything good for you must taste a teensy bit bad? Buckley's couch syrup sure hasn't built their stellar reputation by tickling tastebuds.

On the other hand - don't 'they' say that cats can smell evil?


  1. I look forward to your blog everyday, you never know what we are going to learn. Your little video blogs or should I say experiments have made me laugh, throw in Nelson and stellabejou, youve got a hit..
    Keep it up

  2. ZucchiniFlower here... Keep drinking it every morning because all those bioavailable minerals really do help counter our bad eating habits: pop, meat, GMO's, sugar, alcohol, gluten (maybe). I'm already off my prescription thyroid medicine! I'm still supplementing with high doses of iodine, but I didn't crash like once before when I went off and before the iodine supplementing began.

    You must have a weakened immune system, if you're getting sick all the time. I think you may need a digestive "tune-up." Pair up with a health coach that you like (I'll post a guy I like on my Facebook Page... "The Food and Health Journal of Juliet "Zucchini Flower") and check out the work of Donna Gates, David Wolfe, Dr. McDougall, Dr. Neal Barnard, and my two favorites, Dr. Robert O. Young and Dr. Ted Baroody. They're all saying the same thing in a different way. ALKALIZE! Just a quick summary: Your diet should be 50%-75% raw, vegan. Best Wishes!