i heart learning

i heart learning

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Day #3 of Nelson's challenge
I have always said that if I owned a bar in Quebec I would call it Quebecca.
Because my name is Becca and I come from Quebec. Aren't I clever? With jokes like these who needs Bob Saget or my father Paul Arsenault?

But I have learned tonight that if I came from Quebec in the 1600's when it was invented - my bar would have been called Kebecca - because the original 'Quebec' used to be spelled 'Kebec.' With an accent ague on the first E.

Kebec. accent ague on the first E.

for some reason unbeknownst to me when I google 'Kebec' a picture of this dog appears
I cannnot believe I am only learning this Kebec thing now. I feel like this is the sort of knowledge a Quebecor should learn in highschool, no? But in my highschool all I remember Quebec-history-wise is that we learned about Abitibi-Temiscamingue and how to bescherelle.

just looking at this shade of bescherelle green makes me cringe
In all fairness, maybe 'Kebec history' was covered briefly during that day in french class I was kicked out in the hall for laughing during a spitball war. Ashley and Dale know what I am talking about.

In any case, 'Kebec' was the algonquin word for 'where the river narrows,' and it was a perfect fit for the frenchman Samuel de Champlain who was the first settler here, and who obviously had a lazy streak for inventing new names. He did get a little creative however, by replacing the K with a twist of QU, to form QUEBEC.


How is that for important Nelson-challenge information?

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