i heart learning

i heart learning

Saturday, May 21, 2011

police honk

I used to see police(wo)men as my friends; guardians put on this earth to see to it that all is fair and just - that a peeping Tom peeps his last peep, or a creeping stalker creeps his last creep.

But good police work these days includes stalking parking meters to ticket cars who are one minute late with payment, or falsely accusing people of petty car crimes like forgetting to signal. In today's world (or maybe just Becca's world) police people are to be feared, for they hold the power to give you a 'ticket' for any old random reason.

Today I learned about a new type of ticket a cop has the right to give you.
The story goes as this:

Eric drives through stop sign.
Policeman stop Eric.
Policeman tickets Eric $152.
Policeman walks away from Eric while Eric is politely questioning ticket.
Eric honks car horn to call Policeman back to the car to clarify.
Policeman ignores honk.
Eric gets new ticket in snail-mail for an additional 152$ for 'honking his horn' at the policeman.

Becca is astounded.
Becca adds 'honking' to her list of taboos while a copper is around.
Becca feels like a robot talking about Becca in the third person.

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