i heart learning

i heart learning

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

little white pies

Everyone knows hyenas are evil bloodthirsty ogre-like animals who'll crush your bones to make their bread. 

But did you know that because they eat so many bones the calcium from them turns their poo-poo chalk white?

This is no white lie
I did not know this either until today when Kale told me he learned about it in some sort of 'hyenas have white turds' conference he attended this past weekend. Kale says since 'following' my blog he has become acutely aware of the strange facts he constantly seems to pick up. I am so glad he shared this white learn with me. It may come in handy next time I'm in Africa and I think I've found some omelette eggs laying around.

Perhaps had I paid more attention in The Lion King I would have known this hyena log fact back in 1994.

Now there's something a hyena can LOL about

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