i heart learning

i heart learning

Monday, May 16, 2011

get up, stand up

I am a bit of a lazy girl.
I like to sit all day at work an then sit some more on the couch when I get home.  Then sit on my bed to blog. The keyword here is sit. It is just so nice.

Standing up all day is out of the question for me, and I admire people who have stand up jobs. Like cashiers or the 'Welcome to Walmart' greeters.
When I was a barmaid I would take any chance I got to sit on a barstool and do a crossword. I avoid going to clubs or bars where there are no seats, and if I were Bob Marley I would have written a song called 'get down, sit down.'

So you can imagine it was quite a shock for me to learn today that film editors used to work standing up.

I am reading the book 'In The Blink of an Eye,' by the editor Walter Murch and it has been very educational in the history of editing and other techniques. He edited films like 'The Godfather part whichever' and 'Apocalypse Now.' 

This crazy looking contraption is not a labotomy kit. It is a Moviola, and was the industry standard for film editing back in the 70s. Walter Murch loved it because he preferred to stand while editing. (There was also the sitting down Steenbeck, which I did learn about and use in University. Walter Murch did not likey)

Look how hands on and intimate it was to edit on a Moviola. It is too cool.

Some jobs would be worth standing for. I would totally be a stander if it meant I could get so physical with my editing machine and the process. It's like dancing, and we all know I love to dance. When I'm editing now I just glamourously sit in a little dark room craning my neck so I am 2 inches from my cornea burning computer screen, getting a total index finger and thumb workout. Dancing could be a glorious change.

Not that I am dissing my own craft, because it is still an extremely intricate and complex job, but with the digital sitting down era it seems even a monkey can now edit if he wanted to.

And he did want to. Check out this video edited by an actual Chimpanzee named JT. i am sure he sat as he did it.

Thanks Kale for that wonderful video. I would get Stella to make a video but she lacks the strength in the opposable thumbs.

Monkey see, monkey do
becca has new editing point of view.

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