i heart learning

i heart learning

Monday, May 02, 2011

flouey woey was a Geraldo

Today I was about to learn who got the boot off of 'celebrity apprentice' when...

BAM! breaking news...Obama declares Osama dead.

That is big news. The type of big news that people share where they were when they first heard it. I'll tell you where I was - in my condo with Frank and Nelson watching Nene Leakes rip Star Jones a new one.

**copyright Perez Hilton

What a night of worldwide broken telephone it must have been - I still can't believe Osama and Obama rhyme. I can imagine the text typos and hysteria now.
And I still can't believe Geraldo was covering it for FOX news. In his heyday, Geraldo considered "Men in Lace Panties and the Women Who Love Them" to be all the reporting rage.

Geraldo was more gleeful tonight than Mr Cruise's couch leap.

Anywho - I was pleased to view Obama's announcement live, but also wildly curious about who got voted off the 'celebrity apprentice' island. (my bets were on Hope!)

After watching the breaking news for about an hour, Nelson had gone to bed and Frank and I were not impressed.

The news reports were lacking some critical I-need-to-know facts.
Did it happen today or last week? (Obama and Geraldo said different stuff)
What was the cause of death?
Who were the soldiers?
What was this 'compound' Osama was living on?

It was then I learned a new french word.

Frank: This whole thing is so flou.
Moi: Flou? What's that?
Frank: It's an english expression, no? Flou? Oh this is so flou?
Moi: No! What's flou?
Frank: Oh it's true - flou is french....it means flou - flou....like blurry or unclear. Not enough information. C'est flou ton histoire. Like there are pieces missing.
Moi: I like that! How do you spell that?
Frank: F-l-o-u I think. And this report is very flou.
Moi: Yes, very flou.

I waked Nelson up. He says flou is FUZZY.

Oh Geraldo! Your facts are so fuzzy-flouey.

Trump fired Hope.
And I hope the facts are much less flou tomorrow.

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